Cal-Mag Complex w/D 250

Cal-Mag Complex w/D 250

Cal-Mag Complex w/D 250 Tabs

Doctors are predicting that the younger generation will experience rates of osteoporosis at a much younger age as compared to the current baby boomers.

Bone loss has been a big concern for the elderly for many years, hip fractures becoming a huge risk as we age. However, recent studies show an alarming increase in bone fractures in the teenage population. Why is this? Experts believe the increased rates of bone fractures in the younger generation are due to the fast food diets many children consume. High protein diets (super-sized burgers); along with sodas (sugar), keep the body in an acidic state. This causes the body to leach calcium from the bones in order to bring the Ph back to a more alkaline state. This constant leaching of calcium from the bones leads to accelerated bone loss.

Nature's Source Cal-Mag w/D contains five types of calcium in the optimal ratio to Magnesium Chelate. Calcium requires magnesium for absorption. This formula also contains boron which helps the new bone which is building to be smooth with tensile strength. Glutamate acid and l-lysine further enhance calcium uptake. Vitamin D further enhances bone building as well as prevents bone loss. Vitamin D also provides some protection against colon, breast, and prostrate cancer.

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