All-Natural E Complex

All-Natural E Complex

All Natural E Complex 400 IU 60 Softgels
Contains Natural Unesterified Mixed Tocopherols

Vitamin E is still one of the premier antioxidants yet discovered.

Vitamin E is ESSENTIAL for normal neurological function. It is the major lipid-soluble, chain breaking antioxidant in the body, protecting the integrity of membranes by inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Vitamin E reaches the cerebrospinal fluid and the brain.

In nature eight substances have vitamin E activity– (alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols and alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocotrienols.)New research confirms that using the entire vitamin E molecule when supplementing gives much greater protection and benefit than using d, or dl alpha tocopherol alone. Tocotrienols have been shown to have anticarcinogenic, hypocholesterolemic, anti-artherogenic, anti-thrombotic, and immunomodulatory actions. Alpha tocotrienol is multifold more potent in protecting primary neuronal cells than alpha tocopherol. Dietary sources rich in tocopherols are corn, soybeans, and olive oil. Dietary sources rich in tocotrienols are palm oil, rice bran, barley and rye.

• Protect your heart
• Help prevent prostrate cancer
• Lower your cholesterol
• Defend your nervous system

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