Ultra Probiotic Balance

New Ultra Probiotic Balance
Probiotics reduce the risk of colon cancer.

• Are you taking antibiotics?
• Have you had to use antibiotics a lot in the past?
• Do you have sensitive bowels?

If you answered YES to any of these questions...You could benefit by supplementing with pharmaceutical grade PROBIOTICS

We are all born with a lining of intestinal flora, or good bacteria, throughout the intestinal tract.

This intestinal flora helps maintain a balance in the gut of good bacteria which help fight off viruses, parasites, and systemic yeast.
For years Americans have relied on drinking milk to supply the daily need for calcium. Americans consume more dairy products than any other country, and yet we have the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world. While milk and dairy products do contain calcium, dairy products also cause an acidic response in the body, again leaching calcium from the bones to bring the Ph down. Learning what foods cause an acidic response (primarily protein and sugar, including high glycemic carbohydrates), and what foods cause an alkaline response (primarily vegetables and fruit), is the first step toward slowing down bone loss.

Probiotics contain lactic acid- producing microorganisms that have been called The second immune system because they put the brakes on disease causing bacteria. These helpful bacteria inhibit bacterial enzymes associated with the formation of cancer causing compounds in the GI tract.

Antibiotics kill off these good bacteria along with the bad ones.


Have you ever noticed, particularly with children, that when taking antibiotics, it is common to get some diarrhea? This is because while the antibiotic is killing off the bad bacteria it is meant to target, it is also killing off, or stripping, the good, protective bacteria which is normally found in the gut as well.

You can help to restore this protective intestinal flora by supplementing with a pharmaceutical grade probiotic product. This is referred to as sweetening the gut, and has salutary effects on immunity, absorption, and overall bowel health.

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