Nature's Source Complete 120

Nature's Source Complete 120

Nature’s Source™ Complete 120 Tablets
Next-Generation Multiple Tablets – Magnesium Stearate-Free
Essential Nutrition for Optimal Health in a Vegetable/Fruit Food Base

Nature's Source Complete daily multivitamins are manufactured with the purest grade raw ingredients. They have in them one hundred percent of what we say is in them and just as importantly, nothing else. We know from the research conducted at human cell culture laboratories that grow and keep alive billions of human cells in tissue culture every day, if the nutrient mix fed to the cells contain impurities, the cells don't easily accept the vitamins and minerals across their membranes.

Why is this point so important?

When the human cell is bathed in a nutrient/antioxidant rich state, it has what it needs at any given second to protect itself and neutralize damage. Nature's Source is proud to offer NS Complete (multi-vitamins), which contains a wide spectrum of antioxidants and their supportive cofactors.

Why are antioxidants so critical for good health?

We invite you to witness the oxidative process on organic material - Take a bite of an apple. set it down and leave it for about twenty minutes. What does it look like after this time? Brown? Deteriorating? Do you still want to eat it?

Our human bodies are made up of organic material as well. We too oxidize and deteriorate at a micro-cellular level every second. Antioxidants and their cofactors neutralize and slow down this organic process.

Different antioxidants are attracted to different sites of the human body. Nature's Source Complete contains a wide variety of the most potent antioxidants yet discovered.

• Easy to swallow tablets
• No heating
• No overbinding

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