Nature's Essential Fats (Omega 3) Softgels

Nature's Essential Fats (Omega 3)  Softgels

Micro-distilled Omega Three Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), are CRITICAL for good health.

The ability of essential fatty acids to influence cell membranes (and menopause related symptoms), is so strong the EFAs must be considered in a category by themselves.

EFAs maintain ideal cell membrane fluidity, allowing optimal transport of molecules such as insulin across the cell membrane.

EFAs down-regulate inflammation, and enhance tissue health and bone density.

EFAs are anti-spasmodic and reduce the risk of cardiac events.

Omega three fats have been largely removed from the modern food supply because they go rancid quickly when exposed to air. Today's affluent diet does not supply optimal or even sufficient amounts of these critical fats!

Nature's Essential Fats contain omega three essential fatty acids derived from micro-distilled (no heavy metals) fish oil rich in EPA and DHA.

Nature's Source highly recommends staying away from trans (damaged) fats, which compete with healthy fats. Supplement with omega three's everyday.

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