Ginko Bilboa

Ginko Bilboa

Ginkgo biloba 60 mg 60 V-Cap, provided by Nature’s Source™, contains 60 mg of the herb Ginkgo biloba, in a vegetarian capsule.

The active ingredients, ginkgo flavone glycosides, can help protect the body’s structure and function against damage from free radicals, as well as helping to maintain healthy circulatory function and mental performance.

Ginkgo biloba is the oldest living species of tree, having survived relatively unchanged for at least 200 million years. Native to China, ginkgo has long been recommended in Chinese herbal medicine for its numerous nutritional benefits for the brain and circulatory system. Ginkgo leaf extract has been the object of numerous scientific and clinical studies since the early 1970s and is now probably the most extensively studied and utilized botanical extract in the world.

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