What are pharmaceutical grade vitamins?

Pharmaceutical grade means that our products are made to meet the same standards as are made to meet the same standards as medications. 100% of the ingredients that we say are in our vitamins, are in our vitamins, and just as importantly, absolutely nothing else!

Nature’s Source™ products are manufactured with the most stringent Good Manufacturing Practices in the industry. All raw material that comes into our manufacturing plant has a certificate of analysis. We then test each and every batch of raw material to verify 100%purity for ourselves.

Why should you buy only pharmaceutical grade vitamins?

Vitamins and dietary supplements made from mid-grade raw ingredients DO NOT WORK WELL!

Most vitamin companies are not necessarily looking out for your best interests as much as they are interested in turning a profit.

In 2002 the entire Australian nutritional industry was shut down after several people died and many more were hospitalized after using tainted vitamins. The problem in Australia was traced to the largest manufacturer of dietary supplements in the country. They were caught falsifying assay reports as to what actually went into their supplements. Of course, only the worst of the worst supplement companies will have toxicity present in their vitamins. There are far more mediocre vitamins on the market than anything else! Over fifty percent of the products did not contain the amounts of nutrients that they claimed to have on their labels

In 2003, in light of the increased concerns around bio-terrorism, Nature’s Source™ raised the bar even further by requiring 100% purity of raw ingredients from our raw material suppliers. Only 148 out of our 450 vendors were able to meet this new standard.

We are very proud to say, that when you spend your money on a Nature’s Source™ product, you are not only buying the type of supplements that have extraordinary absorption, they actually do what they are suppose to do. You are also assured that tainted raw materials will never find their way into your Nature’s Source™ products.

Here at Nature’s Source™, we are commited to providing you & your family the highest grade supplements available to ensure you & your family optimum health throughout the year.